Ridge Creek Dinuba Golf Club presents…

2021 Ridge Creek Tournament Program

Ridge Creek Dinuba Golf Club is excited to present the 2020 Tournament Schedule.  These tournaments are a great opportunity to play a beautiful golf course, enjoy delicious food, and test your game.  In addition to events that have grown into important traditions at Ridge Creek, we will host numerous new events with new formats that provide unique balance of competition and comradery.  Like the PGA Tour, our tournament program will have 4 majors and cup matches:

  • Ridge Creek Member Masters ~ April 11-12th
  • Beat the Pro Championship ~ May 23-24th
  • The Emperor Member-Guest ~ June 6-7th
  • The Rewards Championship ~ August 22-23rd
  • Orchards vs. Vineyards Cup Matches (Ryder Cup Format) ~ October 24-25th

Other notable tournaments:

  • NCGA Dinuba Open ~ July 11-12th (Flighted) & July 18-19th (Championship)
  • JGANC Dinuba City Junior ~ August 3-4th

We are looking forward to a great year for Ridge Creek tournament golf.  For complete tournament information, please visit our Tournament Directory:

2021 Tournament Directory | PDF Summary

2020 Tournament Directory | PDF Summary

2019 Tournament Directory | PDF Summary

We look forward to hosting you!