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At the Ridge Creek Game Improvement Center, players are placed through a complete array of tests usually reserved for the best golfers in the world.  By assessing a “total picture” of your body, swing, and equipment, a Titleist Performance Institute trained professional or TPI-Pro wll recommend a program that will seamlessly integrate into your instruction to help you optimize your performance.

The Ridge Creek Game Improvement Center includes one of the better technologically advanced golf evaluation facilities in the Central Valley on swing efficiencies, conditioning, and custom equipment fitting.

Body-Swing Experience

Includes the following:

  • 2D Video Swing Analysis utilizing the V1 Coaching System
  • Complete Physical Evaluation – All data is analyzed and used to build an attack plan for the gym and your swing
  • We match your swing technique with your physical attributes to help you build a more repeatable and efficient golf swing
  • Your equipment data will be cross-referenced with your swing efficiency and conditioning analysis to ensure the optimum fit for your game because equipment is a key component to developing a repeatable technique. Our team evaluates your golf ball, club and shoe requirements and provides fitting recommendations that produce results.
  • Onsite loft and lie adjustments included.
  • Factors like strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, nutrition, stability, power, vision and posture all influence the body’s mechanics. 
  • Utilizing our physical screening process, we measure your ability to generate and transfer speed and determine the most efficient energy transfer throughout your body. We will isolate any physical limitations, correlate these findings to your swing technique and prescribe a custom-conditioning program.

Cost per person $100
Ridge Creek Rewards Members $50